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Feeling the HEAT? These new AC engineering technologies are on the horizon

From Alaska to Florida, as our climate changes, the need for AC climbs. We can’t live in the technological stone age as it pertains to AC and HVAC, especially if we’re running a business. Thankfully AC engineering is on the cusp of some major breakthroughs, and those of us who can’t stand the heat in those long summer months couldn’t be more excited.

Listed below are some of the amazing new breakthroughs in cooling technology. If you’re looking for new, advanced solutions for your AC engineering, talk to your local mechanical engineering consultants.

Cooling Heat Pump

Amazingly, United Technologies Research Center in Connecticut is on the verge of creating a cooling system that does not require using any refrigerants. Incredible, right? This environmentally friendly design would improve the efficiency of the units without the usage of fluorocarbons. With fewer moving parts too, this design would mean better reliability.

Solar Powered AC

Oh, Mr. Sun. What can’t you do? A research team in Australia is developing a renewable energy cooling system that uses…the sun? Wait, isn’t the sun hot? HVAC engineers have figured out a way to get the sun to power a natural gas cooling system, which lowers the temperature of the air as it passes through it!

Cooling Cloud

We’ve all heard of “the cloud”. That invisible space where all of our data exists. While still just in the concept phase, researchers and engineers are developing a “cloud” AC system, which only cools the exact space that someone is occupying. Kind of sounds like something from Star Trek, to be honest. Even though this may not be something we’ll have in our homes and businesses anytime soon, it IS pretty…cool.

With all of the advancements in HVAC and cooling technology for homes and businesses, we’re cooler than ever before. If you’ve got a construction project, or you’re just looking for ways to better cool your space, now’s the right time to talk to your local MEP Consultants.