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Mozambique Restaurant – Laguna Beach, CA

Project Scope

Our company specializes in providing MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design services for commercial and residential projects. We were chosen to design the MEP systems for the second floor and rooftop remodel of Mozambique, a popular restaurant located in Laguna Beach, California. This remodel included the addition of a new bar, extra seating, and a concert venue. The goal of the project was to create a comfortable and functional space for the restaurant’s customers, while also ensuring that all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were safe and efficient. Our team worked closely with the architects and contractors to ensure that the design met the specific needs of the restaurant and comply with all local building codes and regulations. We had to take into account the additional loads and power required for the new bar and concert venue and design the systems accordingly. The end result was a beautiful and functional space that met all the restaurant’s needs, including the concert and entertainment aspect of the venue. Our company is proud to have been a part of this project and we look forward to more opportunities to provide our expertise in MEP design.


Laguna Beach, CA

Company Description

Mozambique is a popular restaurant located in Laguna Beach, California. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that are inspired by the flavors of Mozambique and southern Africa. The menu features a mix of seafood, meats and vegeterian options, and the restaurant is known for its delicious and unique flavors. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual and fun, with a lively atmosphere, and a beautiful ocean view. The restaurant also has a rooftop and a second floor, which are used for additional seating and private events. In addition, the restaurant features a concert venue and a bar, which hosts live music events and offers a wide variety of drinks. The restaurant is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking for a unique dining experience in Laguna Beach.

Services Provided by Pro Engineering

Worked closely with the owner and architect to provided full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.

The Challenge & Our Solutions

  • Incorporating the additional loads and power requirements for the new bar and concert venue into the existing electrical system.
  • Enlarging the mechanical systems, such as HVAC, to accommodate the increased number of people in the expanded seating area and concert venue.
  • Meeting local fire code requirements for the concert venue, including installing proper fire suppression systems.
  • Coordinating with the architects and contractors to ensure that the design met the specific needs of the restaurant while also being safe and efficient.
  • Ensuring that the plumbing systems were designed to support the restaurant’s specific needs, such as providing adequate water pressure and flow for the new bar and additional sinks.
  • Meeting local building codes and regulations for the concert venue and ensuring that the design was compliant with these codes.
  • Balancing the need for proper soundproofing in the concert venue with the need for proper ventilation and air circulation.
  • Ensuring that the rooftop expansion was structurally sound and could support the additional weight of the concert venue, bar and seating area.
  • Making sure that the new design blended seamlessly with the existing restaurant, both aesthetically and functionally.

Why They Chose Pro Engineering

Our MEP firm was chosen to work on the remodel project for the Mozambique restaurant due to our extensive experience and expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and implementation.