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Pierce Street Industrial Complex – Pacoima, CA

🏭 Pro Engineering Consulting: Overcoming MEP Engineering Challenges for the Industrial Building in Pacoima, CA 🏭

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we are thrilled to have undertaken an exciting project – the MEP engineering design for a new industrial building in Pacoima, CA. This endeavor presented our team with a unique set of challenges, and we are proud to have conquered them with our expertise and dedication.

Reimagining Industrial Excellence: The industrial building in Pacoima underwent a complete redesign, and our firm was entrusted with the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design for the shell of the building. The scale of the project, with a total area of 70,242 square feet, required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure every aspect met the client’s requirements.

Strategic MEP Integration: The building consists of a 59,600-square-foot unconditioned warehouse and a 10,642-square-foot two-level office area. Our engineering team worked diligently to seamlessly integrate MEP systems throughout the structure. The warehouse demanded efficient ventilation and climate control solutions, while the office area required sophisticated electrical and HVAC systems to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Site Plumbing and Lighting: Our scope of work extended beyond the building’s interiors. We designed a comprehensive site plumbing plan to include hose bibs along the building’s exterior, catering to various needs such as landscaping and maintenance. Additionally, we conducted a site lighting photometric analysis to optimize the illumination of the surrounding area, providing a safe and well-lit environment.

Empowering Efficiency and Sustainability: At Pro Engineering Consulting, we prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability in all our designs. For the industrial building in Pacoima, we incorporated energy-efficient site lighting and power solutions for the parking lot, signage, access gates, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. We also facilitated the installation of solar provisions, enabling future sustainability measures with a breaker provision and conduit stub to the proposed inverter location.

Collaborative Solutions for Success: The success of this industrial building project was made possible through our close collaboration with the client. From initial conversations to email exchanges, we ensured every aspect of the MEP design aligned with the client’s vision and operational needs.

As the construction progresses, we extend our appreciation to the entire team involved in this transformative venture. We eagerly anticipate the completion of the industrial building in Pacoima, a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and innovative solutions.

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we take immense pride in our contributions to building spaces that drive industrial excellence while embracing sustainability. Here’s to the success of this industrial building, where engineering brilliance meets industrial innovation! 🏭✨