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Polly’s Restaurant Huntington Beach


Project Scope

Addition of a new patio to an existing Polly’s Restaurant in Huntington Beach. Gas, power, and lighting plans required for new patio addition. We needed to ensure that lighting design was compliant with California Energy Code (Title-24). Also, we had to determine most efficient power feed and gas feed to new patio heaters and lighting.


  • Huntington Beach, CA

Builder Markets

  • Charles Ramm (Charles Ramm Associates, Inc. and Studio Ramm LLC) has been preparing and executing hospitality projects for the last twenty years. Charles and his offices have been focused within the restaurant, public hospitality facilities and corporate dining community. Office duties include the full scope of project development: site evaluation, interior and food service design, construction documents, agency processing, construction observation, furnishings and equipment purchasing / installation, overall project management.

Services provided by Pro Engineering:

  • Provided gas, power, and lighting design plans (Title-24 compliant) for an outdoor dining area

Mechanical and Electrical Design Challenges

  • Determining the most efficient power and gas feeds for the new patio heaters and lighting.

The Solution

  • Tailored design plans to include maximum efficiency while still staying Title-24 compliant and providing the right amount of gas and electricity to meet the needs of the space.

The Result

An efficient, beautifully designed and functional outdoor dining area for restaurant patrons.

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