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We understand the intricate nature of constructing complex systems and recognize the need for collaboration between mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering professionals. With Pro Engineering, you’ll receive a custom MEP engineering solution that is seamlessly integrated and aligns with your business goals.
Plumbing Services
Pro Engineering Consulting provides top-tier plumbing design & analysis services that are guided by our MEP engineering expertise. We specialize in CAD-driven designs, have in-depth knowledge of various plumbing systems, and are committed to high-quality plumbing solutions for both new construction and renovations.
At Pro Engineering, we offer high-quality electrical engineering design services for all construction stages, to meet quick turnover times, accurate electrical capacity, and achieve low maintenance costs. With expertise in areas like emergency power systems and clean energy solutions, we deliver excellence in the area of electrical design.
The ProEngC team uses a "whole building" approach and is dedicated to delivering innovative mechanical design solutions. Our extensive portfolio of mechanical engineering services includes consulting, energy modeling, HVAC system planning, and various specialized designs. We are committed to making your building systems work.

Explore Excellence in Electrical Engineering Design

Pro Engineering Consulting distinguishes itself as a premier provider of detailed electrical design solutions, drawing on our proficiency in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering. Our team of licensed professionals excels in providing a varied spectrum of top-tier electrical design services.  We guarantee the smooth integration of innovative electrical systems into your projects.

Low Maintenance Cost

We don’t over-engineer our systems, which helps lower the cost over time.

Accurate Electrical Capacity

We provide accurate load calculations to ensure that your electrical system is not over or under designed.

Proven Processes

We provide error-free electrical engineering solutions through our proven design and project management process.

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we harness our MEP engineering proficiency to deliver comprehensive electrical design services aligned with industry standards. Electrical Engineering Services

Pro Engineering Consulting is a leading provider of detailed electrical design solutions. Our team of licensed professionals offers a wide range of top-tier electrical design services to ensure the smooth integration of innovative electrical systems into your projects

Contact Pro Engineering Consulting Today

Pro Engineering Consulting is committed to providing excellence in electrical design services. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and estimate tailored to your specific electrical design needs.

Contact us today for a detailed consultation and estimate tailored to your specific electrical design needs.

Understanding Electrical Engineering with Pro Engineering Consulting

Pro Engineering Consulting focuses on meticulous planning, design, and implementation of electrical engineering solutions tailored for private, public, and commercial buildings. Our team of electrical engineers seamlessly collaborates with other engineering disciplines to deliver comprehensive systems that enhance the safety, security, and functionality of new structures.

What Sets Pro Engineering's Electrical Engineers Apart

Comprehensive Electrical Systems

Our electrical engineers specialize in designing systems for power distribution, lighting, emergency power, clean energy integration, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to electrical design in large-scale projects.

CAD-Driven Design

Leveraging cutting-edge CAD software, our engineers create detailed design drawings to guide construction workers and building managers through the intricacies of a building’s electrical system.

Collaborative Expertise

Working closely with licensed mechanical, plumbing, and other engineers, our electrical engineers contribute to a “whole-building” concept, integrating essential characteristics while supporting natural systems of energy use and conservation.

Areas of Expertise at Pro Engineering

  • Lighting System Planning and Design

    We specialize in creating lighting systems that optimize illumination while considering energy efficiency and visual comfort.
  • Power Distribution

    Our expertise encompasses the planning and design of power distribution systems, ensuring efficient and reliable electricity supply.
  • Emergency and Standby Power Systems

    Designing systems to provide emergency power during unforeseen outages, enhancing safety and continuity.
  • Clean Energy Solutions

    Integrating renewable energy sources to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact.
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

    Designing systems to ensure early detection and prompt response to fire emergencies.
  • Hospital and Medical Facility Power Systems

    Providing specialized power solutions for critical medical equipment and facilities.
  • Security and Access Control Systems

    Designing systems to enhance building security through access control and surveillance.
  • Lighting Control Systems
    Implementing advanced control systems for efficient lighting management.
  • Data Center Electrical Systems
    Designing electrical systems for data centers to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • Renewable Energy Systems Integration
    Incorporating renewable energy solutions to promote environmentally friendly practices.
  • Electrical Safety and Code Compliance
    Ensuring that all electrical systems comply with safety standards and local building codes.

At Pro Engineering Consulting, our commitment extends to educating clients about the nuances of electrical engineering across a variety of contexts. Gain further insights into the integral role played by electrical engineers in the design and construction of new buildings. Explore a showcase of our projects on our website to witness firsthand our expertise in action. Count on Pro Engineering for exceptional electrical engineering services that contribute to the success of your construction projects.

Why choose our electrical engineering consulting firm?

When you hire us, you’re hiring a reputable engineering firm with 35 years a decade of experience in electrical engineering.

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  • Trained and Certified: Our engineers consistently add to their knowledge by attending trainings in their field. Also, safety training and training for out-of-state code requirements.
  • End-to-End Expertise: From evaluating electrical safety to designing sustainable electrical plans, our consultants bring new insights to the table and provide best-in-class services for your projects.
  • Unbiased Analysis: Getting your electrical right is a huge undertaking. We bring our experience to the table and work to make your project a success.
  • Flexibility: Our electrical engineering experts know how to adapt to the demands and challenges of a project, getting work done efficiently and effectively.
Pro Engineering Consulting Pro Engineering Consulting
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