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We understand the intricate nature of constructing complex systems and recognize the need for collaboration between mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering professionals. With Pro Engineering, you’ll receive a custom MEP engineering solution that is seamlessly integrated and aligns with your business goals.
Plumbing Services
Pro Engineering Consulting provides top-tier plumbing design & analysis services that are guided by our MEP engineering expertise. We specialize in CAD-driven designs, have in-depth knowledge of various plumbing systems, and are committed to high-quality plumbing solutions for both new construction and renovations.
At Pro Engineering, we offer high-quality electrical engineering design services for all construction stages, to meet quick turnover times, accurate electrical capacity, and achieve low maintenance costs. With expertise in areas like emergency power systems and clean energy solutions, we deliver excellence in the area of electrical design.
The ProEngC team uses a "whole building" approach and is dedicated to delivering innovative mechanical design solutions. Our extensive portfolio of mechanical engineering services includes consulting, energy modeling, HVAC system planning, and various specialized designs. We are committed to making your building systems work.

Comprehensive Mechanical Consulting and Design Services

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we take pride in delivering meticulous mechanical design solutions that showcase our expertise in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering. Our team of licensed professionals excels in offering a diverse range of high-quality mechanical design services, ensuring the seamless integration of innovative mechanical systems into your projects.

Our extensive portfolio includes an array of diverse offerings, carefully curated to address various needs and preferences:
Consulting Services: Leveraging our profound expertise and industry insights, we provide tailored consulting services to help our clients navigate complex challenges, optimize operations, and achieve their strategic objectives. Our seasoned consultants work closely with organizations to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and implement effective strategies that drive tangible results.

By encompassing these diverse offerings, we strive to deliver holistic solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in achieving sustainable success.

Quick Turnaround

Once we have an understanding of your requirements and you have an understanding of our process, we start working on your project right away.

Highly Experienced

We are a one-stop shop that offers a a wide range of specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consulting services. Our experienced team of licensed experts can effectively provide a cost-effective MEP design for your project.

Fast Response Time

Our architectural designers and engineers can take on a project at any point in time while maintaining top quality standards.

Our Mechanical Engineering Services Include

  • Energy Modeling and Energy Compliance Calculations (ComCheck, Title-24, Washington Energy Code)
  • Mechanical system and piping layout and schematic design
  • HVAC system planning and design
  • Industrial ventilation system design and specification
  • Fixture and fitting specification and design
  • Feasibility/Pre-Design Studies
  • Humidification Control Temperature & Controls System Design
  • Manual J, D & S
  • Refrigeration & Chiller Systems Design
  • Clean Room Design
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems Design
  • Hospital and medical laboratory exhaust and supply system design
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Make-Up Air Systems
  • VRF HVAC System Design
  • Vacuum and dust collection system design
  • Fume hood design

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we harness our MEP engineering proficiency to deliver comprehensive mechanical design services aligned with industry standards. Whether you are embarking on new construction or renovating an existing space, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality and meticulously designed mechanical solutions for your project. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and estimate tailored to your specific mechanical design needs.

Understanding Mechanical Engineering with Pro Engineering Consulting

Pro Engineering Consulting focuses on thorough planning, design, and implementation of mechanical engineering solutions tailored for private, public, and commercial buildings. Our team of mechanical engineers seamlessly collaborates with other engineering disciplines to deliver comprehensive systems that enhance the safety, security, and functionality of new structures.

What Sets Pro Engineering's Mechanical Engineers Apart:

Comprehensive Electrical Systems

Our mechanical engineers specialize in designing systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial ventilation, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to mechanical design in large-scale projects.

CAD-Driven Design

Leveraging cutting-edge CAD software, our engineers create detailed design drawings to guide construction workers and building managers through the intricacies of a building’s mechanical system.

Collaborative Expertise

Working closely with licensed electrical, plumbing, and other engineers, our mechanical engineers contribute to a “whole-building” concept, integrating essential characteristics while supporting natural systems of energy use and conservation.

Areas of Expertise at Pro Engineering:

  • Mechanical Systems

    Our proficiency extends to the planning and design of mechanical systems, including comprehensive layout and schematic design for efficient operation.
  • HVAC System Planning and Design

    We specialize in creating HVAC systems that optimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.
  • Industrial Ventilation

    Our expertise encompasses the planning and design of industrial ventilation systems, addressing air quality and ventilation requirements in industrial settings.
  • Manual J, D & S

    We provide meticulous Manual J, D & S calculations to ensure accurate load, duct, and equipment sizing for optimal HVAC system performance.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems Design
    Ensuring safety through the design of effective carbon monoxide detection systems, protecting occupants from potential hazards.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Make-Up Air Systems
    We excel in designing kitchen exhaust hood and make-up air systems, enhancing safety and functionality in commercial kitchens.
  • VRF HVAC System Design
    Our team is adept at Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system design, offering efficient and flexible heating and cooling solutions.
  • Fume Hood Design
    Specializing in the design of fume hoods, we ensure the safe containment and ventilation of hazardous materials in laboratory settings.

At Pro Engineering Consulting, we are committed to educating our clients about mechanical engineering in various settings. For more insights into the role of a mechanical engineer in new building design and construction, along with a showcase of our projects, visit our website. Trust Pro Engineering for excellence in mechanical engineering services that enhance the success of your construction projects.

How our MEP consulting services benefit your business?

Our skilled professionals provide the MEP engineering expertise to make your building systems work. We support you during the comprehensive and conceptual design of all the MEP systems for your construction.

engineering design consulting firms
  • End-to-End Approach: We provide expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle. We help with technical advice, surveys, system design, construction management, whole-life cost analysis, and more.
  • Less Risk: We understand technical guidelines and regulations, so we can help you preemptively solve issues and ensure compliance with legislation.
  • High-Quality Personalized Service: Our industry experts work alongside you to help meet your specific needs on any given design or engineering project.
  • Sustainable Building Services: Our talented professionals prioritize resource-efficient technologies to lessen energy and water usage, including renewable energy, grey-water recycling, and heat and power solutions.

Over the last 35, we have emerged as one of the leading MEP consulting services in San Diego, Orange county, Nevada, and Bay Area. We make sure that all our MEP design projects are delivered on time and within the allotted budget.

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