Ramin Parsi

Ramin Parsi

Electrical PE, PRINCIPAL

“As principal at Pro Engineering Consulting, Inc, it is necessary that i have an integral design role in each project that comes our way. Striving to provide MEP engineering design to the highest standard.”
One of the principal guides in directing our company forward is through the motto “leadership by example”. Ramin strives to project our design mastery and expertise to each project. He understands that hard work & coordination make the ultimate difference and go a long way in producing great results.

About Me

Having grown up and studied in Colorado, I owe a lot of my key skills: patience, virtue, listening, and ambition to the great people that I have been surrounded by: from my family to my teachers/professors and my colleagues who have been great models to me.
I have always been solution-oriented. This is my best skill when I comes to helping my clients with their goals and this allows us to be the perfect team players.
My motivations in my profession are in making my team and even more importantly, our company a great tool to any client that chooses to use our services. Our services must provide value and that is what keeps me directed in a path to achievement.

Qualification & Experience

Ramin has administered a vast assortment of project types, ranging from heavy industrial, retail commercial to residential and many more. Having this extensive experience has given me insight and foresite when design-planning on new projects, to ensure we have all bases covered prior to stepping into and committing to “a plan”.



Bachelor of science. University of colcrado. Boulder in computer and electrical engineering.

Mep Consulting


Have been a partner at pro engineering for the last 14 years. Worked as main liaison on vast amount of projects.

Electrical Engineer / Term Manager Project Supervisor

Key Role

Guiding the team through project scope guiding the clients through design objectives holding our entire company as a responsible party in fulfilling the project requirements
Personal Experience & skill

Ramin has worked in all aspects of electrical/computer engineering. He began with working on computer science in the federal goverment. Then he migrated on to RF engineering at the same company. From there, Ramin joined up with his partner Ray to further develop the MEP engineering design company, Pro Engineering Consulting, Inc.

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