Ramin Parsi

Ramin Parsi

CEO / Electrical PE

About Me

Growing up and studying in Colorado, I owe my skills – patience, attentiveness, and ambition – to those I’ve been surrounded by, from my family to my teachers and colleagues, who have all been incredible role models.

I have always been solution-oriented, which is a skill I apply when working alongside clients to achieve their goals.

My motivations as a business owner are to make sure we are excellent team players and a trusted partner to our clients and yours.  It is important to me that our services provide high value and it keeps me focused on ongoing improvements for our company and our services.

Qualification & Experience

I have worked on a vast assortment of projects including heavy industrial, retail, residential, and more. This broad experience has given me valuable insight and foresight when it comes to design planning on new projects and helps me ensure that we have all the bases covered prior to committing to a plan.



B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Mep Consulting


I’ve been a partner at Pro Engineering for the last 14 years, working as a main liaison for a vast number of projects.

Electrical Engineer / Team Manager Project Supervisor

Key Role

My innate ambition makes me a natural leader. I make sure that each engineering design project is done as if it were my own.
Personal Experience & skill

I have worked in all spheres of electrical and computer engineering. I began my career in computer science working for the federal government. Afterwards, I moved on to RF engineering. From there, I joined up with my partner, Ray, to further develop Pro Engineering Consulting, Inc.

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